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Bake425 North Evanston


Our Central Evanston Bake425 shop is located on the bustling street of Central Street at 2122 West Central Street. Our shop is situated in a unique commercial district in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the North Shore. The appetites of the residents range based on age, background and personal preferences. However, our Bake425 pizza and salads and locally sourced ingredients are a favorite within the community, and we are pleased to serve them.

Getting to Bake425 within Central Evanston is easy due to the variety of public and private transportation and parking options available. Street parking is available for those picking up from the area or from out of town. For those who want to experience a little more convenience, delivery is available as well. Whether you’re visiting us for a craft soda, a salad, a pizza, a cookie, or all of the above, you can look forward to bringing home a meal that your family will love and appreciate. Our food brings people together, right at your own table.

“Every now and then it’s a relief to stop in and pick up a delicious meal from Bake425. These days I do most of the cooking, so every now and then I don’t mind having someone else do the prep work. Especially when the results are very good and make look like the hero!”

Bake 425

(847) 424-1400

2122 West Central